Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Semester in College - "not bad"

After finishing my first semester in college, I now look back to the experience I had.

The first semester was quite easier than High School. There are no major subjects yet. Things are still simple. However, my scholarship is endangered by my poor performance. The first semester, easy as it may sound, is not that easy at all. It is a period of adjustment, adapting new strategies for the new landscape. But really, I had fun. There were things that I didn't expect. First, I never thought my block mates are that friendly. I thought they would be mean. But I was wrong. I acquired new friends. They are very nice. Then, I also never thought lenient professors exist. I thought they are all harsh. Also, I never thought that I have a relatively abundant amount of time compared to my high school days. Plus, powder less white boards and air conditioned rooms. Wow! Manila education rocks! These surprises really surprised me. And I love it!

Well, I really hope that this college era of mine will be better than High School. I want to explore things that I have'nt done in my previous times. I want to do more, and know more. I hope I can be me to the fullest. Well, my previous restrictions are now lessened, somehow; and I hope that I can be more independent. I believe that in no time, I can survive in the wild all by myself.

I can do this! I will graduate in a strike of a match. I will be a CPA in a blink of an eye.

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key-g said...

naaaks el last paragraph. Fr. Chambers?